Monday, November 28, 2005

Good News

I took the weekend off from blogging and now I feel like I have too many issues that I want to talk about. So I will highlight some very encouraging articles that I've come across recently. The first is the pictures of Cindy Sheehan sitting alone at her book signing table. It has been mentioned by Rush and others that her protests and her supposed crowds of supporters has been over exaggerated by the media. Amazingly the media exposed itself by showing these pictures of no one showing up here. It is encouraging to know that the average American doesn't support this treasonous behavior.

I found great delight in this next article. Just the title alone is awesome. "Scalia scolds Franken at celeb event in NYC". Scalia said, "My kids have been working on me to get out and do more public appearances....They think it makes it harder to demonize you-and I agree." Can we say amen to that? Most of us know by seeing just a small amount of Scalia's intellect that he could run circles around Franken but it is still nice to see it just the same :-).

This article encouraged me and gave me an even greater respect for Bruce Willis. "Willis film to show diehard GIs 'fighting for freedom'". It is so frustrating to like war movies and to want to watch accurate portrayals of conflicts and have to put up with politically correct and/or liberals' versions of war. So this was very refreshing and I look forward to seeing this movie.

This last article is also good news after all the Bush bashing. "Truman bounced back--so will Bush". Some guy was on one of the Sunday Morning talk shows yesterday talking about how the American people have lost all faith with Bush, blah, blah, blah... I'm sure thats what he's hoping for but I don't think so. Clinton & Reagan both bounced back from similar poll numbers so give me a break.


Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

11 28 05
Thx for all the links Ms. Chatterbox:) The CSheehan one was telling! I cannot take up all your memory with my Thxgiving debates whereby my Grandpa Butch proclaimed: "I am a damned communist!" Ay vey, at that point, my heart began to stop beating and everyone laughed so hard cuz they knew it would upset me! That is just a taste of my day! Ms. Sheehan obviously ain't as well liked as she thought. And when it comes down to it; who really wants to read someone bashing the President and our country's foreign policy on every page? Unless she can come up with some viable solutions, I say she needs to get her commie tail on a plane to Canada! Good post and I am happy you are back:)

Mr. Grey Ghost said...

Miss Chatterbox....great take on the news!

2006 will be a very interesting year for Republicans, already I've read about a few Republicans grumbling about how the President's low ratings are going to effect votes next year in the congressional elections. I'll definitely be paying attention.

Your little potpourri of news is very interesting as I too took great joy in seeing Cindy Sheehan by her lonesome in that photo and knowing that Bruce Willis is a Hollywood activist who actually takes action behind his words is tremendous. I think his film will more than do justice in portraying our troops in the right light.

Dionne said...

Thanks Mahndisa & Grey Ghost. I can relate Mahndisa to the liberal issues on thanksgiving. At my mother-in-law's house she had a card with George W. Bush's picture on it. It said something about being thankful and then on the inside it said that "I can't run again." What are you going to do? My sister-in-law also had a bumper sticker bashing our conservative Republican Governor.

Rivka said...

Great post!! Sorry it took so long for me to get here! I love the news run down you gave. Great idea.
Have you gotten roadrunner yet? Let me know!
Yeh, in a way, I feel sorry for Sheehan that she put herself in such a position. Yes, I know she is responsible for her actions, but if she ever changes her political bend in the future, she will look back and feel like a total idiot.
How do you think the lady in Roe V. Wade feels now that she is a Christian, and is against abortion?

Joubert said...

Thanks for the good news.

Dionne said...

Patrick: You're welcome.

Rebecca: Unfortunately I haven't gotten roadrunner yet. That is a good question about the Roe v. Wade woman.