Monday, November 14, 2005

Gag Me With a Spoon

I can be very nostalgiac when it comes to thinking about the 80's. That's why I loved "The Wedding Singer" and why I watch "The Breakfast Club" everytime they re-air it on cable. I was a teenager in the 80's and I was notorious for using the phrase "Gag me with a spoon" and "Get Real" long after Valley Girl talk was no longer "in". I never considered myself a genuine Valley Girl since most of them were supposed to be airheads but there are some phrases you just gotta love.

All that to say I've come up with my own unique award. Bill O'Reilly has his "Most Ridiculous item of the day", Laura Ingraham has her "Butt Monkey awards" and Bloviating Zeppelin has his "Moonbat awards". I have my "Gag me with a spoon" award. And today it goes to Al Gore. This is what he said to an Australian newspaper:

He believed global warming to be a more serious threat than terrorism.

"I don't want to diminish the threat of terrorism at all, it is extremely serious, but on a long-term global basis, global warming is the most serious problem we are facing," Gore told The Age of Melbourne.

I don't know. I think there is a reason why even democrats heaved a sigh of relief on 9/11 that Gore wasn't president. What do you think :-)? Now you need to hear in your head that song or commercial that says "Unbelievable!!!"


Joubert said...

I thougth Al Gore invented global warming. Oh, sorry - he invented the Internet.

What a total phony! And his IQ seems to be the same size as his shoes - 12.

Rivka said...

Hey, good post.. Great new phrase!
Can i offer a suggestion? I would shorten it to the 'gagspoonie' award. Or you can be mean and say 'chokespoon',directing more toward the idiot, instead of how it makes you feel.

If you keep it the way it is, i like it! It is unique!

Al-Gore is as bad as Dean. I didn't think he was that psycho, but he has proven me wrong, and I am sure there are dems who are glad he wasn't prez when 9/11 happened.

echotig said...

the GMWAS Awards....very cool. Totally!!

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

Gag me, indeed.
Gore is a psycho since he lost.

The Exile said...

The ironic thing about your GMWAS awards is that most of the Left still talks that way. Have you ever heard Cindy Sheehan speak?

"Bush's war is, like, totally, y'know based on, like, lies!"

I actually have a post a few months back calling her a 50-year-old valley girl.

Algore may be right in one respect: global warming may actually be occuring. It was 64 degrees here in Minnesota the other day, and that's unheard of.

Where he and the Left go wrong is, as usual, blaming it on America. Global warming and cooling has occured thousands of times in the last few billion years. Yes, even before the wheel was invented, let alone the SUV.

The Left shows their true colors when they arrogantly believe that these huge changes are occuring in their puny lifetimes (i.e. they're special) and that it's being caused by their political enemies.

They are children. At the risk of blowing my own horn, I'd like you to read a couple of my very first posts, here and here. It explains liberalism perfectly.

And that song, "Unbelievable", was done by a band called EMF. It contains "samples" of comedian Andrew "Dice" Clay, who was banned from MTV for being "politically incorrect". It was a huge hit and MTV had no choice but to play it, even though they had banned "Dice". EMF laughed all the way to the bank.

There is actually a line in the song that is quite fitting for Algore:

The things you say
Your curtain calls
just give you away.
You're unbelievable!

And, the reason that I stopped by in the first place, was to get your URL so that I could put you on my blogroll. Great blog, m'lady.

Anonymous said...
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Dionne said...

Exile: Thanks for your comments. And thanks for giving me the info on the Unbelievable song. I've added you to my blogroll as well.

Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

11 16 05

Good post Ms. Chatterbox:) I am a total valley gal. In the Central Valley we say gal instead of girl. lol! And I loved to rock EMF back in the day. Exile does have some good points too! Mr. Gore...geesh, poor deluded Mr. Gore! And I DO believe in global warming, but the earth has been cylcing on and off for millions of years. This is just the precursor the our next climate shift! But to say that one is more important than the other is ridiculous: I mean if terrorists succeed in taking out Western civilization, then the climate changes will be irrelevant to us anyway! He is silly!

bigwhitehat said...

You leave out the best awards I have seen. Beast7 does' "boot in the ass awards." He features 3 folks that need a leather suppository then, awards it to the most outstanding.

I just love awards.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

I'll try to keep this short. Global warming may in fact be occurring. But I submit not precisely for the reasons most suspect.

Many persons believe the heinous industrial age to be the Prime Mover in global warming. And certainly our global weather has been Wackalicious the past year or so. I've read a number of reasons and the one that makes the most sense takes an even wider glance at weather.

Some scientists say the planet is cyclical and that we are entering a slight warming cycle that has little if anything to do with carbon dioxide, fluorocarbons, methane and the like. I would tend to believe this view of the Earth's weather. I find it extremely difficult to believe that, with our miniscule industrial age, we can permanently change the entire planet.

My personal experience makes me believe this, to wit: at work, we blocked off a natural runoff and a pond formed, about 30' X 30'. After a few months, grass grew. Then taller grasses, then tules and rushes. It became an attraction for waterfowl, ducks, migratory geese, local birds, even egrets. Frogs and snakes and insects became plentiful. Then one day someone noticed fish in the thing -- small mosquito fish that great in size.

All from nothing -- prior to our sole introduction of mere water, life blossomed. It was an absolutely astounding display of the tenacity and beauty of life -- from nothing, something. And then everything.

But boys and girls, it gets better: the federal government discovered the pond we created and demanded, because it "interfered with natural vernal pools," that we drain and destroy it or face a $250,000+ fine.

So this wondrous example of nature was destroyed and turned into a clay depression.

Your federal tax dollars at work.

Dionne said...

BZ: I love it when you say, "Your federal tax dollars at work." :-)