Saturday, October 29, 2016

Why I Can't/Won't Vote for Donald Trump!

--This has been the craziest election I have ever witnessed.  I seriously feel like I'm in the twilight zone.

--The other alternative is that I'm Marty McFly and I've woken up in an alternate version of 2016 where Biff Tanner aka Donald Trump has taken over.

--Trump isn't a conservative and I don't even consider him a Republican.  He has been a lifelong Democrat, championing liberal causes up until very recently.

--Yet, some of the very people who taught me about being a conservative seem to have gone off the deep end in supporting him, it's like principles don't seem to matter.  Ann Coulter completely lost me when she said this:
--It has gotten to the point where it is difficult to watch the media or listen to talk radio.  I'm still in shock at how many people are trying to justify his reprehensible behavior.

--My ability to stay sane has been made possible by first and foremost Charles Krauthammer, but also by Stephen Hayes, Jonah Goldberg and others.

--But perhaps Rep. Adam Kinzinger has said it best,
Winning this election is important, but preserving the soul of the best party to defend our values is also paramount.  Although Kinzinger “utterly disdain[s]” Hillary Clinton, he fears a Trump presidency would cause more damage for the conservative cause.
--I couldn't agree more and it's what I keep coming back to.  I love Mike Pence, and considered voting for Trump because of him, but it's not enough for me.  The last 2 elections I voted for Vice President, I'm not doing it a 3rd time.

--I fear the Republican party is fracturing, and I'm not ashamed to say that I'm in the Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan camp and not in the Trump camp.

I cannot and will not vote for a man who:
~Has absolutely no political experience, and says his beliefs are completely different than what he espoused just a short couple of years ago.
~Is completely disrespectful, mocks and viciously attacks women, pows, the handicapped, grieving parents, honorable men and women in his own party and pretty much anyone who disagrees with him.
~Has no moral framework or guiding principles.
--I've debated this with many people.  Fellow Republicans cry about how horrible and corrupt Hillary is (I know that better than anybody), how the Supreme Court is at stake (we have no clue who Trump would put on the court, he has no track record whatsoever) and how voting 3rd party is throwing my vote away (I've argued this so many times with others, but in this case my conscience triumphs).

--As I've looked at alternatives to Trump and Hillary I've cast aside the Libertarian choice because Johnson is too liberal for me.  Evan McMullin is who I've picked.  Jonah Goldberg makes a case for how he could win, it's very unlikely, but it works for me.

--I'll conclude with an excellent quote from Stephen Hayes:
Trump supporters would pretend that your refusal to support Trump means you're backing Hillary Clinton. It's an absurd argument, of course. There are other options. This election is not a "binary choice" as Trump backers claim. If the top candidates are, on the one hand, a congenital liar who jeopardized national security in service of her own ambition, and on the other, an unstable conspiracy theorist, the best choice is none of the above—a non-endorsement, a third party candidate, a write-in.
Doing this would be risky and perhaps costly. It'd also be right.


Joia said...

Amen, amen, amen.

The other alternative is that I'm Marty McFly and I've woken up in an alternate version of 2016 where Biff Tanner aka Donald Trump has taken over

With the Cubs winning the World Series, just as they did in Back to the Future 2's 2015, your theory is looking good.

I am so disappointed in Dobson for jumping on the Trump Train of Terror, claiming that Trump has been saved. Scripture tells us we'll know other Believers by their fruit. Trump is like that rotten piece of fruit that fell behind my fridge, rotted, attracted bugs, stank up the house and, upon being revealed to public view, had to be scraped off the soon-to-be-bleached floor while wearing rubber gloves and a face mask. His little conversion was clearly a transparent, absurd, predictable ploy. Why on Earth did Dobson fall for this? As soon as Trump won the primary, my hubby & I were predicting he would offensively fake a conversion in order to pull in the conservative voters. Dobson claims Trump is such a baby Christian, he doesn't know better than to curse and say these wretched things! Are you kidding me?! One need not be a Christian, nor even a decent person, to know better than to grab women in the crotch or talk about how do-able his own daughter is!

In Daniel 6, we see Daniel faced with a situation that only appeared to have two choices: Eat meat sacrificed to idols, or face death for defying the king. Daniel prayed and found a 3rd option which seemed impossible, impractical, ridiculous and futile. But by seeking to please God, that foolish-looking third option saved the day.

Had U.S. Christians united behind a desire to please God, I believe God would have blessed a 3rd option. I understand all the reasons that skipping a binary voting system can be considered foolish. But "the wisdom of God is as foolishness to man." We aren't called to be politically savvy. We are called to holiness: a state of literal separation from the world's goals and ideals.

Call me politically naive, but I'm not voting for the so-called lesser of two evils. That approach still involves voting for evil. And voting based on which candidate I hate the least is absurd. Why should hatred have any part in my thinking process when I am trying to honor God with my vote?

I'm glad you posted who you are voting for. I've got my absentee ballot in front of me, and hadn't yet determined how to vote. I appreciate you doing the research for me! ;-)

Joia said...

P.s. Trump's campaign is so underfunded, that I suspect they have cut their signage budget in conservative states like mine. I believe that in 2004 this county voted 96% Republican. Yet there are hardly any Trump yard signs anywhere. The only large (3'x4') sign I've seen at a busy intersection was obviously homemade, with "Trump Pence" spray-painted very, very poorly on plywood. That sign was a fitting symbol of what an embarrassment this campaign has been.

Joia said...

Holy cow, how did I never before notice how much Biff looks like Trump??

I'm shutting up now, I promise.