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Fox Business/Wall Street Journal GOP Debate (11-10-15)!

Marco Rubio: "We can’t even have an economy if we’re not safe. There are radical jihadists in the Middle East beheading...
Posted by Fox News on Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Rubio had his usual stellar night, it's simply amazing! There's no
subject on which he's not fluent, forceful and passionate.~Charles
According to many, Marco Rubio is now 4-0 at the GOP Debates.  Below is a great summary of the debate and assessment of the candidates:
My take on the Republican presidential debate that just ended: I thought Marco Rubio won again. He's got tremendous raw political skills, and he gave a preview of the argument he'd like to make against Hillary Clinton in the fall--that this is a time for generational change. 

Ben Carson showed more energy but no mastery of issues. 
Jeb Bush did better than in previous debates but not well enough to stop the momentum for Rubio among donors. 
Kasich may have hurt himself with his interruptions and unpopular answers. 
Trump was more mellow than before, but he strikes me as the least wattage intellectually on stage. 
Carly Fiorina had a good night and had some nice lines. 
And Ted Cruz may have the highest IQ but the lowest EQ.~Nicholas Kristof

Things I was happy about:
-Mike Huckabee didn't make the cut to be a part of the main debate.
-Rubio did a great job as always.  He is knowledgeable on all the issues and does an amazing job of presenting them and in responding quickly to other candidates.
-Rubio crushing Rand Paul.
-Trump getting booed twice!
-Carly Fiorina holding her own.
-The moderators not being idiots.

Things that annoyed me:
-Trump insulting Kasich.
-Rand Paul attacking Rubio.
-Bush and Kasich bumbling and trying to interrupt.  It just looked kind of pathetic.
-Ted Cruz annoys the hell out of me every time he talks.  He just comes across as smarmy, and like a slick used car salesman.

More praise for Rubio:
Rubio knocked it out of the park when debating military spending and the right role for America in the world with Rand Paul. He got a meatball of a question when asked  by the moderators about Hillary Clinton's résumé as compared with his own; he, unsurprisingly, answered it well and easily. Time and time again, he oozed knowledge while appearing entirely relaxed.~The Washington Post

If you rank everybody, Rubio, of course -- look he has done well, and he’s been at the top of the top. ~Karl Rove

I thought Marco Rubio did very well. I thought he did exceptionally well. ... He’s not only knowledgeable, which is important, he’s good at politics because part of running for President is showbiz. I mean that in the best sense, and he’s good at that as well as being knowledgeable.~Bernie Goldberg

Rubio and Cruz leaning a bit toward Rubio.
2. Carly had a good night.
I think everyone else was kind of just a mix. All did fairly well but had something that set them back.~Glenn Beck

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