Friday, August 07, 2015

August 6th Fox News Top Ten Republican Debate

Impressive–Rubio, Bush 
Solid–Walker, Christie, Kasich 
Didn’t help/hurt themselves – Carson, Cruz, Huckabee 
~~Stuart Rothenberg
-I had a great time live tweeting during the debate last night.  It has been 11 years since I've been excited to watch a Republican debate.  There were a lot of great quotes and comments from the candidates and other people tweeting about it.

-I have to admit there are 2 things that "I didn't get" last night.  All this conservative anger that cheers on Trump and trashes Fox News and the Fox News' anchors/moderators.  I find myself at odds with people I used to admire.  As many of my readers know, I used to love Ann Coulter and I've read most of her books.  But she has gone off the rails the past couple of years and her celebration of Trump and trashing other great candidates just doesn't make sense to me.

-I love Megyn Kelly and Bret Baier and 24 million people watched the debate last night.  I thought Trump's comments to Kelly were disrespectful and offensive.

-I was excited that my guy, Marco Rubio shined last night.  Many others agreed with me.  I literally cheered when Rubio said the above quote about God blessing the Republican party.  He came across as optimistic and confident.

-After I saw the above tweet from Dana Perino, I looked up what en fuego means.  Below is the exact description:
Translated from Spanish, literally means, 'on fire'. It's what you call anyone or anything that is awesome. 
-I couldn't think of a better way to describe Marco Rubio.  Below are some more articles praising Rubio's performance:
~~Rubio Wins
~~Mainstream Media surprised by Republican Debate as Rubio, Cruz and Fiorina score
~~Marco Rubio and Carly Fiorina win the Republican debate
-Besides Rubio's stellar performance, I liked Scott Walker and John Kasich last night.  Kasich is getting some traction.  I was a little surprised Walker didn't do better, but like Rothenberg said, he gave a solid performance.  My favorite line was the one about mush.

-Bush did okay, surprised he didn't perform better.

-Carson was funny at the end but seemed lost the rest of the debate.

-Huckabee and Cruz reinforced me cringing every time they talk, can't stand either of them.

-Rand Paul surprised me with some good lines, especially when he called out Christie hugging Obama.  But if I wanted a candidate weak on defense, I'd vote Democrat.

-Trump really made me mad when he attacked Megyn and his response about his women comments wasn't impressive.

-I don't get the support for Trump at all.  He's not a genuine conservative and just seems to be garnering all the angry/hater type people's support.

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Mike's America said...

Rubio was good but so were so many of the others.

I liked that Walker kept his answers short but he didn't really seem to make much of a splash in the debate. Of course standing next to Trump might have put him at a disadvantage for being noticed.

I go way back with John Kasich to his first race for Congress in Ohio when I was a precinct committeeman in his district. I saw him recently on Hilton Head and am glad to see him do well in the debate.