Saturday, January 10, 2015

Unbroken (A Review)

-The movie, Unbroken is based on the book, Unbroken, written by Laura Hillenbrand, which is about the true life story of Louis Zamperini.  A troubled boy who turns his life around and makes it to the Olympics, and then survives the horrors of World War II.

-As you watch the movie, it is hard to believe that someone could survive everything that Zamperini did, and yet he was able to.

He survived:
-Being shot at during the war
-A plane crash into the Pacific Ocean
-Drifting on the Pacific for 47 days
-Numerous Japanese POW camps

-I'm not a big Angelina Jolie fan, but I will grudgingly admit that she did a good job directing this movie.

-It is an inspirational story, made more so by the fact that it is true.  And what the movie doesn't show is how Zamperini kept his promise to live his life for God after he survived the war.

-In 1949, he got saved at a Billy Graham crusade and then returned to Japan to forgive his captors.  The Billy Graham Evangelical Association has released their own movie about Zamperini's life and faith that tells the rest of the story entitled, Louis Zamperini: Captured by Grace

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