Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Obama's SOTU Demonstrates that He Lives in Fantasyland

-I remember how much I enjoyed watching Bush's SOTU Addresses.  I loved being able to blog about them and included lots of quotes.

-Needless to say, it isn't any fun to watch Obama's.  My blood pressure spikes and it's pure torture.  Why do I do it? It is important to know what your President says, whether you agree with him or not.  I also can't blog about it if I haven't watched it.

My Thoughts:
-As he opened up his speech, I kept shouting BS as the TV.  The way he twists things is amazing.

-The next thought that came to mind was how astounding his arrogance is.

-As he threatened to use his veto pen (against the majority of Congress), you could see Paul Ryan heave a huge sigh (love that man).

-What the hell is Middle Class Economics??

-As Obama described his definition of it, it sounded exactly like socialism!

-Again the word arrogance comes to mind as he is receiving applause for giving all these "gifts" to people that OTHER PEOPLE will have to pay for.  I could be super generous too with other people's money.

-He actually spends a couple minutes talking about the terrorist threat and as always brings up his theme, "strong diplomacy" (whatever the hell that is).

-He claims lots of things that aren't true, like how we are stopping the advance of ISIS.

-Illinois Republican Representative Adam Kinzinger (who is an Iraq War Veteran) was on Fox News today talking to Martha MacCallum.  He made some excellent points about how Obama is in denial about the terrorist threat we are facing.  Below is a summary:
-Kinzinger said that Clinton's greatest regret of his presidency was his failure to intervene in the genocide that took place in Rwanda in 1994.  (This was news to me, so I looked it up and Clinton did actually admit this.)  Kinzinger said that our country may regret not intervening more with ISIS like Clinton did with Rwanda, and I couldn't agree more.

-Kinzinger also said that Obama is trying to "manage" the ISIS threat, and kick the can down the road so that the next president will have to deal with it.  I think that is exactly what he's doing.  Wow, what a courageous man.

-Kinzinger also feels that the war in Iraq was won when he left in 2009 and now ISIS controls large parts of Iraq.  As Kinzinger and MacCallum point out, Obama is living in Unicorn land.
-Obama then gives a ridiculous justification for why he is releasing the terrorists from gitmo.

-He concludes his speech with a condescending lecture on how there shouldn't be partisan bickering.  This from the man who constantly threatens to veto anything that the Republicans pass.

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