Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Obama, Clinton or Centrist Democrat?

Cartoon Credit: Glenn McCoy

-Yesterday, I lamented that the Republicans in Kansas are boring.  They are running against Democrats, who are once again pretending to be moderates to get elected. 

-It has been 30 years since a blatant liberal, Walter Mondale, ran for office, but in many places (like Kansas), liberals still don't win elections.  So, they pretend to be moderates.

-Jonah Goldberg recently wrote a column, entitled, Are Centrist Democrats Real or Just Campaigning?  It is clearly a rhetorical question, but he makes some points that I sorely wish many would be able to open their eyes and see.

-How did Bill Clinton and Barack Obama become president?  They both pretended to be moderates when they were campaigning.  What is the difference between them?  Clinton actually governed as a moderate occasionally, when he realized he would lose re-election.  Obama didn't go that route.

-The result is that, every Democrat running in a red and/or purple state is running away from Obama as fast as they can.  Goldberg uses Democrat Allison Lundergan Grimes as an example.  She is running for the U.S. Senate in Kentucky, and guess how she is describing herself? She is a "Clinton Democrat".  That phrase hasn't been used in quite awhile, because the image it may conjure up is unpleasant.

-When Grimes was asked what being a Clinton Democrat involved, she said, "growing the middle class the right way."  My response would be, is their a wrong way to grow the middle class?  And is there more than one way to do that?

-If only the average American would pay attention to how a politician runs a campaign and then how they govern once elected.  I still remember Claire McCaskill pretending to be a moderate, she tricked Missourians and went on to be the actual liberal that she was.

-Goldberg concludes with an excellent point.  Is a Clinton Democrat really a Centrist Democrat?
This lent weight to the theory that Bill himself wasn’t so much a principled centrist as a shrewd opportunist who went wherever the polls took him. (This was the man, after all, who consulted polls to decide where he would go on vacation.)


jeff said...

I'm starting to think that making decisions by following polls is better than Obama style decision making--do what you want, let em all rot.

Clinton looks better every day. Following polls is just a modern way of rule "by the people" isn't it? One of the main reasons people don't like Obama is that he doesn't listen. Seems people don't like either leadership style.

Dionne said...

LOL, it is amazing how much better Clinton looks now after having Obama in office.