Tuesday, January 07, 2014

A Review of Mugged!

Contrary to the myth Democrats told about themselves--that they were hairy-chested warriors for equal rights--the entire history of civil rights consists of Republicans battling Democrats to guarantee the constitutional rights of black people.

Not all Democrats were segregationists, but all segregationists were Democrats and there were enough of them to demand compliance from the rest of the party, just as today's Democrats submit to the demands of the proabortion feminists.  The civil rights protests brought attention to injustice, and voters needed to know what was happening in the Democratic South. --Ann Coulter

There are very few people who are as much of a lightening rod as Ann Coulter.  One either loves her or hates her.  Yet, liberals have such disdain for her that they don't ever find out how in-depth and well researched her books actually are.

Mugged is no different from all her other books.  I learned a lot about racial hysteria from the 70's onward.  The hoaxes that liberals have screamed about, diminish the importance of all the actual cases of racism that actually did and do exist.  I finally understand a little better how the OJ verdict came about.

Yet, the book is really more about how much damage white liberal elites do to the cause of minorities.  It is a must read for all those that care about race relations.

C-span video on the book

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