Wednesday, January 09, 2013

The New Chairman of the Missouri GOP--Ed Martin!

I was very excited to learn last night that Ed Martin is now the new chairman of the Missouri GOP.  I met Ed Martin last year and was so impressed with him on multiple levels.  He is also the Chairman of the American Renewal Project.  I attended one of their events last year here in Kansas City and it was wonderful.

Here is an excerpt of what Martin had to say about becoming the new chairman:

Saturday, I was honored to be elected to be Chairman of Missouri’s Republican Party. This has less to do with my own merit and more to the fact that the grassroots are charting a course to reignite the beacon of hope and liberty that America is. I cannot tell you how encouraged I am by the direction in which our friends and colleagues are steering our state party. I cannot tell you how much it means to me to be part of that effort.

I want all of you to be encouraged too. Most of you know me, you know what I am all about. I mean to do all in my power to be a zealous advocate for freedom as the Chairman of the Missouri GOP.
We have a lifetime of work ahead of us, and only a few years in which to succeed. The need is urgent, our opponents hold all the high ground in politics, culture, the academy and the media. Our only ally is that history and the Almighty acknowledge and bless those who love freedom and work to secure it for their fellow man.
I am looking forward to the future of the Missouri GOP with Ed Martin at the helm.

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