Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wisconsin Governor Walker and Teachers' Union!

The Wisconsin incident has special meaning to me because I grew up in Wisconsin.  And I "get" whats going on because my husband used to work for a union.  Here was my response to someone on facebook recently over the situation:
I know how Unions work. My husband belonged to one and when the company he worked for started to have financial problems it tried to cut the employees' benefits by a small portion so everyone could keep their jobs. Instead, the Union went on strike demanding to keep all of their pay and benefits they "earned". The result was the Union won, but 2 years later the company went bankrupt and everyone lost their jobs.

Union employees usually have far superior benefits than the average worker. Asking them to pay for part of their pension and part of the premiums for their health care isn't the end of the world. The other option is a tax raise on EVERY worker in Wisconsin. Your Governor thought your taxes were already too high.
I also agree with Dennis Miller's sentiments in the video above.

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