Friday, November 05, 2010

Friday Smorgasbord!!

~~Keith Olbermann is sent packing, temporarily or permanently?? Rush brought up that he can't be the 1st MSNBC employee to give to Democrat campaigns. Yet, MSNBC may be looking for a way to dump him for his dismal ratings. Olbermann is one of the most vile men on TV. The hateful and cruel things he has said on the air never cease to amaze me. I can guarantee you very few people will miss his presence, if his suspension is made permanent.

~~GOP House and Senate Leaders Vow Votes on Health Care Repeal, Tax Cuts and Lower Spending! Mike did an excellent post on the fact that this is the "biggest GOP nationwide non-presidential victory in over 70 years!" He is encouraged as I am by the language coming from the leadership of the Republicans. He has Boehner's interview with Bret Baier where Boehner says, "I am not going to compromise on my principles nor am I going to compromise the will of the American people."

~~Sarah Palin and Newly Elected Friends Take a Victory Lap

~~Obama in Denial! I am constantly amazed at how arrogant this president is, he seems to have no concept of reality. I still remember how defiant he was in his State of the Union Address after Scott Brown won in Massachusetts.

I would argue that had he been a little more humble and a little less bent on his hard core liberal agenda, the Republican victory might not have been so big on Tuesday. I predicted in my comments to Dave Helling of the KC Star that we would clean house in November, and that we did.

Obama can keep being arrogant and he can keep pushing his far left agenda. But if he does, not only does the country suffer, but he will find it extremely hard to get re-elected come 2012.

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