Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Missouri Judges on November 2nd Clay County Ballot!

If the Judge has been appointed by a Republican, they get a yes vote, and a Dem, a no vote. This is a updated change from what I had in my earlier post. These were also confirmed by Missouri Family Network's research which were all the same except for one Judge, which I changed.

Below are my recommendations for judges for Clay County. To find more detailed info on them and other Missouri Judges, contact Front Line by calling (1-636-386-1789) or see Missouri Family Network's detailed research.
Judge Zel Fischer-- YES Updated--was contacted by someone who personally knows him to be a strong conservative

Judge Victor Howard-- NO

Judge James Edward Welsh-- Vote YES

Judge Alok Ahuja-- NO

Judge Mark D. Pfeiffer-- NO

Judge Karen Mitchell-- Vote NO

Judge Shane T. Alexander-- Vote YES

Judge K. Elizabeth Davis-- Vote NO (even though appointed by Rep)

Judge David P. Chamberlain-- Vote YES

Judge Don Norris-- NO

Also, there are TWO Republicans that I won't be voting for on November 2nd! William Norris and Jay Lawson both have issues that prevent me from voting for them.

I will be voting for Norris's opponent, Democrat Sheila Ernzen. She will be the first Democrat I have voted for since 1996. I refuse to vote for someone who "claims to be" a Republican that has restraining orders out against him.

As for Jay Lawson, he keeps switching parties so its hard to tell whether he is a Democrat or a Republican. A party switcher doesn't instill confidence in me, so I won't be voting for Lawson.

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