Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Clay County Republican Central Committee Says No to William Norris!

The August 3rd Republican Primary gave voters a choice for Clay County Auditor. As even the KC Star pointed out, Jay Jones was well qualified while there were all kinds of questions about his opponent, William James Norris. Norris claimed to be a CPA and a graduate of William Jewel. Yet, several newspapers looked into these claims and found no record of them. Norris gave some weak excuses which were looked into, and were found wanting.

As if this wasn't enough, there were other ethical issues that were of concern. Several protection orders were taken out against William James Norris and are public record at Yet, somehow, Norris ended up winning the Republican primary. This put Republicans in an awkward position. Did they want to support a candidate that appears to have some serious ethical issues?

The Clay County Republican Central Committee took a vote last night that they will NOT ENDORSE William Norris. A Press Release will be coming out shortly to that effect.

Also at the meeting:

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