Thursday, September 16, 2010

Karl Rove, Sarah Palin & Christine O’Donnell!!

I forget where I first heard it, but the rumblings were there of Karl Rove not supporting conservative Christine O'Donnell's win in Delaware. Mike has the perfect title for his post, The Delaware Dilemma: Can O'Donnell Win the General Election?

I'm a big fan of Rove, so I thought it was odd that even after she won, he was still piling on. So, I found the above clip to find out what he actually said. He was basically saying more power to her, he just wasn't sure she could win. I found that to be more pragmatic than piling on. My only problem with Rove in the past, is when he supported Specter over Toomey in 2004. If this is a similar scenario, maybe O'Donnell is the better option.

O'Reilly tries to make peace between Rove and Palin and I think he makes some good points. Rove and Palin both do believe in the same principles, Rove is just concerned that the Senate takeover is now in jeopardy.

Mike wrote a post listing his, Top Ten Candidates to Take Back the Senate in 2010! Below is the list, but go to the link to see all the details:
1. Sharron Angle can Dump Harry Reid!

2. Marco Rubio: A Rising Conservative Star for Florida!

3. It's Time for Pat Toomey in Pennsylvania!

4. Rob Portman for Ohio!

5. Wisconsin: Johnson to beat Feingold!

6. Dino Rossi for Washington State!

7. Recycle Boxer in California with Carly Fiorina!

8. Mark Kirk to Take Obama's Illinois Senate Seat!

9. Open Season in Colorado!

Tie for 10th Place!
10. Roy Blunt for Missouri!

10. Return Richard Burr in North Carolina!

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