Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Vote for Jay Jones for Clay County Auditor!!

This race is a great example of why we need more people involved and informed about local politics. Please join me in supporting Jay Jones for Clay County Auditor in August when you go to the polls. While you are there don’t forget to vote for the Health Care Freedom Act and tell Mr. Obama that you don’t like his health care plan either.~~Andrew at ClayCoMOPolitics

Jay Jones has been a resident of Clay County for 33 years and has "29 years of progressively responsible experience in accounting, auditing, finance and tax planning, both in private industry as well as public accounting."

I am also endorsing Jay Jones in the August 3rd Republican primary. To learn more about Jones, check out the Liberty Tribune's profile.
Also, there seems to be some concerns about Jones' opponent, William Norris' qualifications.

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