Tuesday, August 03, 2010

August 3rd Sample Ballot for Clay County!

Sticker hat tip: Missouri Political News Service

I decided not to wait until the day before the election to announce my picks. I really want to continue to get the word out about Proposition C, so spread the word. This is a grassroots campaign giving Missourians a CHOICE and a say in their health care options. We want our state to lead the way.

If you have any questions on reasons for my picks, just shoot me an email!

Dee's Sample Ballot
For U.S. Senator~~Roy Blunt
(There has been much grumbling on the other side and even by a few on our side about Blunt. Yet, without any bias one way or the other I have been very impressed on the two occasions I have met him. He has been in Washington a long time and has somehow managed to escape being arrogant (not an easy task), he is a great speaker (which I didn't expect) and he personally took the time to talk to every person at the last Lincoln Days. It will be very easy for me to cast a vote for this man personally and for his beliefs.)

For State Auditor~~Allen Icet

For U.S. Representative (District 6)~~Sam Graves

For Recorder of Deeds~~Mike Ebenroth

For County Auditor~~Jay Jones

For County Collector~~Lydia McEvoy

For State Representative (35th District)~~T.J. Berry

For Proposition C~~Vote Yes!!!

I also have one race in Platte County that I would like to mention. It is:
For State Senator (District 34)~~John DeStefano

UPDATE: This post will stay at the top of my blog through Election day. New posts will be below!

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