Friday, January 01, 2010

Prayers for Rush!

Somehow I missed the initial news report on Wednesday about Rush's chest pains. I finally got up to speed last night. While trying to find out info, I discovered that Wikipedia had declared him dead by using a very dubious news source. All of us as bloggers have known that we have to be careful when citing Wikipedia as a news source, but this goes beyond the pale.

I also couldn't believe how horrible the AP article was on him. It reminded me of how they described Tony Snow after his death. Then there was the hate being spewed by all of those on the left. Brian Maloney has a bunch of the links. I will never understand this. I may not care for people like Michael Moore or Nancy Pelosi but I wouldn't be celebrating if they had a health scare or died and I definitely wouldn't be saying vicious things about it online. It is unfathomable to me!!

All that to say, I'm glad Rush is doing better, even though the Doctors don't know what caused the chest pains. My prayers will continue to be with him and I look forward to him returning to the show on Wednesday!

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