Thursday, September 03, 2009

Thursday Smorgasbord!

1) Patients With Terminal Illnesses Die Early Under British Health Care System--This is exactly what we have to look forward to if we get government run health care here. And as Patrick points out, I don't need some government bureaucracy deciding the timing and manner of my death.

2) Levi Johnston continues his smears and lies about Sarah Palin--Basically, when Levi told the truth about the Palin family, it wasn't what the Drive By Media wanted to hear, so it didn't make him any money. It sickens me though, how willing he is to throw his child's extended family under the bus for 5 minutes of fame and money. As GG points out, the left will exploit him like they have Meghan McCain and then spit him out when they are done. Despicable and disgusting!!

3) Speaking of throwing people under the bus, Alberto Gonzales betrays the loyalty shown him by George W. Bush and Supports the CIA Interrogation Probe--What is wrong with Gonzales? He has been called a weasel, coward and a loser for doing this. I'd have to say I agree with all three.

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