Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Harry Alford Hands it to Barbara Boxer!

Harry Alford, President of National Black Chamber of Commerce slammed Barbara Boxer for using race politics. I don't think Boxer is used to being challenged. When Alford was on O'Reilly last night he said that he had received a lot of supportive emails. One can only imagine how many of us were standing up cheering as he took on Barbara Boxer and won ;-)).

Gateway Pundit spoke to Senator James Inhofe who invited Alford and has Inhofe's hearing statement.

Alford was also on John Ziegler's show sharing his thoughts on Barbara Boxer!

Bottom line: Cap and Trade is a disaster and Boxer thought she could combat Alford's logic by quoting another black man's view on it. Alford was right in saying it was extremely condescending. If she didn't agree with his views on cap and trade thats fine, but don't drag race into it.

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