Thursday, May 07, 2009

The Media is Threatened and Scared to Death of Sarah Palin!

Dick Morris nails it with his analysis here of Sarah Palin in the above video!

He says EXACTLY what I've been thinking since the election and have been so frustrated about. To be honest, I think even people in the Republican party are threatened by her because of her ability to connect with the average, American woman. And its not because she's not smart. Its because Sarah Palin is REAL and she gets the intellectual stuff at the same time.

I remember another woman saying to me during the election that she would've rather had Kay Bailey Hutchinson or someone else with more experience. My response was, Kay wouldn't have been able to energize or excite the base even close to how Sarah Palin was able too. Sarah Palin had it all, she was conservative, she was smart, she was real, etc... And as we see, she is such a huge threat that the Democrats and the Drive By Media are trying to demonize her as much as possible.

While talking with a "fellow Republican" lately (I use that term loosely), he told me that he wasn't a Sarah Palin fan. He snidely responded that he liked his candidates to have some intellect to them. So who was his ideal candidate? Ron Paul!! I also come to find out later that this same person has been one of my trolls on my blog who often talks about wanting to punch me. Boy, I want to take what he has to say seriously now. I'm sure these "intellectuals" are who we want to be following in our party.

Dick Morris also nails it when he calls it a MYTH that Sarah Palin was a drain on John McCain's ticket. As he says, Bush got 11 more points than McCain among white men but only 4 more points among white women. Sarah Palin was the reason for the 7 point difference.

I'm sick and tired of the criticism of Sarah Palin. I understand it from the Drive by Media and the Democrats. They are scared to death of her, and they should be. But when it comes from the likes of Kathleen Parker and Peggy Noonan, thats when they need to get rid of their elitism and support a woman who has gone to bat for them, for conservatives and for all Republicans.

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