Thursday, April 09, 2009

Obama's Bash America Tour!

While in Europe, Obama couldn't help himself, he had to bash America and felt the need to apologize for America. I talked about this on the radio show and what floored me is what Power Line points out in their post, Why does he bash us? Obama, in a little over 2 months, has already done as much America bashing as Carter and Clinton did in their ENTIRE PRESIDENCIES. Its hard to believe with Carter, except, I guess he's done most of his America bashing after his presidency.

Power Line comes up with 4 possible reasons for Obama's America bashing:
1) Its what Democrats do
2) Obama hopes to shift blame for any inability to obtain cooperation from foreign leaders to that familiar target, President Bush.
3) Maybe Obama just doesn't like the America that existed prior to January 20 of this year, and feels compelled to say so.
4) Obama's American bashing is the product of his ego.
My question is, what other leader in the world bashes their own country? The answer is no one. The leaders of other countries are proud of their countries and they have what one calls patriotism.

Yet, Republicans are never allowed to question Democrats' patriotism. So, how about this? When Democrats stop trashing America, I'll stop questioning their patriotism.

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