Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Tortured and Pathetic Logic of U.S. Senator Arlen Specter!

U.S. Senator Arlen Specter turns 79 tomorrow and one would be hard pressed to come up with a set of core principles that he believes in. He is a liberal Republican, better known as a RINO who can never be relied on to support anything that the Republican party stands for. He is one of 3 Republicans that ensured that the monstrosity aka stimulus bill passed the Senate yesterday.

He was interviewed on Hannity's radio show on Monday, and it was one of the most pathetic displays I've ever heard, thus my title. He was attempting to defend his reason for supporting the stimulus package. He said he didn't really like a lot of what was in it but said that "something" had to be done. When Hannity brought up how what Reagan had done in the past was successful Specter agreed that was good, but thought this might work too, even though it was the exact opposite.

His logic was tortured and made no sense. He has no guiding principles and just seems to go with the wind. I would've had more respect for him if he would've just admitted that his philosophy is more in line with Democrats and he thinks that government has the answers, not tax cuts or private sector jobs.

I will confess that I have never been a fan of Specter's. One must also not forget that before he was one of the most liberal Republicans in the Senate, he was Ira Einhorn's lawyer, who was also known as the Unicorn Killer. I will never understand why Bush and Santorum didn't support his primary opponent in 2004. Although, there is already a Republican group threatening Specter, Snowe and Collins with primary challenges if they sign off on the final stimulus bill. There might finally be some consequences for the choices they make. To make matters worse, U.S. Senator Jim DeMint says that their betrayal actually cost $18.7 Billion more than the House version.

The bottom line is that Specter and one of the other RINOs could've stopped this monstrosity from passing. They had the power to protect this country from being fleeced. They chose not to, and as a result, this will not only not stimulate the economy, it will make it worse and our children and our grandchildren will still be paying for this years down the road.

Meanwhile, the public displays their disapproval and so does the Dow, as it responds by plummeting.

Obama is helping us take our first step towards socialism with this bill, as is even Newsweek is admitting. Obama is also being dishonest when he says there is no pork in this bill. There is tons of pork in it. I guess it depends on your definition of pork!! Where have we heard this before??

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