Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday Smorgasbord!!

1) Rush, Krauthammer and O'Reilly on PDS (Palin Derangement Syndrome)!--It is the height of hypocrisy how the Women's Media Center criticized O'Reilly for joking about Helen Thomas. This, after they did NOTHING to ever defend Sarah Palin after the deplorable way she was mocked 24/7 during the 2008 election.

Women's groups such as theirs and others need to be honest that they DO NOT CARE about the rights of women in general. They only care about the rights of liberal women. They didn't care about any of the women who had been abused by Bill Clinton, they didn't care about Sarah Palin and they certainly wouldn't care about the rights of any other conservative woman, including myself. They need to be honest, they are liberal groups who promote a liberal agenda, not the rights of women. And as a woman, it infuriates me that they are still being dishonest about their agenda.

It also infuriates me that they used Anita Hill to attempt to destroy Clarence Thomas. Civil rights took a back seat to trumped up sexual harassment charges, all for the cause of trying to stack the deck on the Supreme Court.

2) Republicans Trail Obama Dems By One Point in Poll--Anti-Stimulus Push Is Working--It is inspirational to see Republicans finally stand strong and have a back bone for conservative principles. It also appears that the public is paying attention.

3) As for the 3 Traitors in the Republican Party, they may get kicked to the Curb as I mentioned in my last post!

4) 50 De-Stimulating Facts!

5) Bill Clinton Wants More "Balance" on the Airwaves--This from the man with whom the media was in love with prior to the messiah Barack Obama. Me thinketh he is still a little bitter about the fact that Rush exposed him for the liar and the narcissist that he is.

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