Friday, January 23, 2009

Obama Decision #1--How to Ensure America is Less Safe!

The reason I give this post a number, is because I know it will be one in a series that I will have to do as the Obama presidency continues. He has decided that one of his first decisions is to give terrorists a chance to be "transferred, released or prosecuted" as he shuts down Gitmo.

Obama had a hard time explaining HIS OWN executive order and had to look to his White House counsel, Greg Craig to help him. So who exactly is Greg Craig that explained the decision? This article about him is a must read. It details his unbelievable list of clients some of which include: Kofi Annan , John Hinckley, William Kennedy Smith (Kennedy nephew accused of rape), Bill Clinton during the impeachment years and Fidel Castro and the article details more.

But I digress, back to the Gitmo decision. I'm not necessarily a big fan of Glenn Beck, but he brought up a great point yesterday. Maybe, we could transfer all of them to John Murtha's district. I'm sure he would love that, seeing as he's an advocate for terrorists and is okay with calling our Marines "cold-blooded killers". Those in Murtha's district might not be okay with it, but maybe then they would stop re-electing him.

As if that wasn't enough, Obama also made sure that innocent babies in the womb were less safe as well. He issued another executive order lifting a ban that Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush had on federal money being used to pay for abortions "by non-governmental organizations that discuss or provide abortions outside of the United States."

Many have said that they don't agree with Obama but they want him to "succeed". What exactly do they want him to succeed at? I don't have anything against Obama personally, I am praying for him and his family but do I want his presidential policies to succeed? No way!! He has already proven in his second day in office that he plans to keep this country less safe and innocent babies in the womb less safe. So no, I don't want his plans to succeed. And I don't want his socialistic plans for this country to be enacted.

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