Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The News According to Dee...

"Here's to the husbands who've won you, the losers who've lost you, and the lucky bastards who've yet to meet you."--from the Wedding Date

A friend got some bad news from her husband yesterday and it made me think of the above quote from the Wedding Date. Hunky Dermot Mulroney does such a great job in that movie and I always love hearing him say that, so for whatever its worth, its my quote for the day.

As always, there is a lot going on in the world. I'm just going to talk about several things that have caught my attention. I have yet to comment on the Gaza situation. When I get a chance to catch my breath, I will do a post more worthy on that issue.

...Ann Coulter's new book, Guilty! Alls I can say is that NBC is a glutton for punishment. It almost makes you wonder if they sit around and come up with ways to plummet their ratings even further. They have no problem having terrorist Bill Ayers on their network, but Ann Coulter is too scary. Sigh.....
Ann Coulter Linkage:
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...Another Acorn Worker in Missouri is Indicted on Voter Fraud! This is the third election cycle where, an ACORN employee in Missouri has been indicted on federal voter fraud charges. Yet, Democrats continue to act like voter fraud is no big deal. Tina Hervey, who is the communications director for the Missouri Republican Party released this statement,
“ACORN and its Democrat supporters have a great deal of explaining to do to Missouri voters. While ACORN continues to submit hundreds of fraudulent voter registrations in our state so that people can cheat on Election Day, high profile Democrats in Missouri like Claire McCaskill and Robin Carnahan downplay the seriousness of this illegal activity. It’s time for the Democrats to express some outrage over the continued and systematic election fraud that taxpayer funded ACORN perpetrates in our state every two years.”

“This indictment should once again be a wake-up call. The pattern of fraudulent activity by ACORN cannot be ignored any longer – Robin Carnahan’s number one priority should be to protect the integrity of Missouri elections from future assaults by cleaning up the voter registrations rolls and joining the call for voter IDs.

...Franken Steals Senate Seat from Coleman! To be honest, this is EXACTLY what would've happened in 2000 between Bush and Gore if Gore had been allowed to continue to manipulate the votes. And for those liberals who try to claim that Franken didn't steal this, how do you explain 25 precincts that now have more ballots than voters who signed in to vote?

Democrats aren't seating Franken just yet, so it will be interesting to see how all of this pans out. The integrity of this election has definitely been compromised.

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