Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Snow Day Smorgasbord!

1) President Bush shows great reflexes and a great sense of humor while enduring a shoe attack in Iraq. I was amazed at how quickly he ducked when an Iraqi reporter threw 2 shoes at him. Bush joked, "All I can report is it is a size 10."


Mike has Krauthammer's Op-ed on the Milestone that has been reached in Iraq, which was one of the significant reasons for Bush's visit.

2) Bush also receives a warm welcome in Afghanistan!

3) I stayed up late last night baking Christmas cookies for my kids' Co-op teachers, only to have today be a Snow day. Oh well, the first round of baking is done.

4) Today, I'm determined to write my Christmas letter and finish my Christmas cards!

5) Patrick posted this fascinating list of, 24 THINGS ABOUT TO BECOME EXTINCT IN AMERICA! Most of these things I don't use anymore and if I do, I can still see why they are on the road to becoming extinct.

6) Now that John McCain isn't running for President anymore he's back to his old self and slamming his own party again.

To be honest, since, I've gotten over the sting of Sarah Palin losing, I'm almost relieved that I won't have to defend McCain for the next 4 years. He's already back to ticking me off. On Sunday, he basically said that he couldn't promise to support Sarah Palin in 2012 because there would be others running. Thats loyalty for ya! Thank God he's too old to run for anything else.

7) Feds Taped Rahm Emanuel Holding 21 Conversations On Senate Seat and it looks like the pressure is mounting for Emanuel to Resign. Yet, McCain would rather criticize the GOP over this than Obama. Glad to know whose side he is on.

8) It looks like there may be justice for Caylee Anthony! As most of you know, it looks like they finally found Caylee Anthony's body. They are in the process of making sure its her remains but it looks very probable that it is her. The lack of emotion shown by her mother, Casey Anthony and her many deceptions are inconceivable to most mothers. Her responses have been the exact opposite of what I, and other mothers would have done had our daughter gone missing.

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