Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Life Smorgasbord!

Life has been crazy! I spent the weekend helping my daughter get caught up in Algebra. I was really wishing that I had enough money to pay for a tutor. Alas, we survived and she is caught up. Most of what she was doing was a whole unit on word problems. I hate word problems with a passion!! I can guarantee you that in hell satan will be teaching a class on word problems ;-).

I also have been doing some major organizing and de-cluttering. Then, I got a sore throat and wasn't able to do the radio show yesterday. My throat actually seems to be getting worse and I'm close to losing my voice. To top it off I got a huge knot on my leg after kick boxing last night. Good times, good times!!

1) President Bush thanks the troops!

2) Mike gets to see GOP rock star Sarah Palin when she comes to Georgia to campaign for Saxby Chambliss.

3) I finally got a chance to watch Ben Stein's Expelled. It was excellent and needs to be seen by all whether you believe in evolution or creation. It is shocking to see how debate and free speech aren't allowed at universities. If you even mention Intelligent Design you may be fired and blacklisted. If evolutionists are so sure about their theories, then why are they so threatened by the mere mention of a possible creator? One guy said that he thinks aliens or other strange theories are much more plausible than Intelligent Design. Unbelievable!!

I'm having my oldest 3 kids watch this because I think its important info for everyone to know.

4) Rosie's new show flops!

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