Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Smorgasbord!

The Vantuyl’s ABC’s of 2008

A is for Awana
B is for Bunko
C is for Canada Missions Trip
D is for David Cook Tickets
E is for Edward Cullen from Twilight
F is for Fifty Book List/Group and Facebook
G is for Group of American Girls
H is for Hunting Trips with Grandad
I is for Idol Concert at the Sprint Center
K is for Karate and Kickboxing
L is for Lincoln Days
M is for Mahaffie Stage Coach Fieldtrip
N is for Newt Gingrich Event
O is for the Office Tv Show
P is for Pool Days
Q is for Quicktrip runs for Donuts and Drinks
R is for Representative Sam Graves Campaign
S is for Scalia Speaking at the University of Central Missouri
T is for Tournament for Karate
U is for our Unique Family
V is for Vacation Bible School
W is World War I Museum
X is for X-Rays
Y is for Youth Activities
Z is for Zona Rosa Shopping

Above, is my Christmas newsletter that I sent out with my Christmas cards. The picture of the Barn Door with the Wreath was what most of my Christmas cards looked like that I sent out.

I finally got all my shopping done and packages and cards sent yesterday. I hope everyone has a very, merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!!

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