Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Silver Lining!

--The Sam Graves' campaign that my daughter and I worked on, won by 22 percentage points. The Democrats had targeted this race and were outspending Sam Graves until they conceded that there was no way their Democrat candidate could win.

--My blog got over 1,000 hits the day before the election and around 900 the day of the election.

--McCain/Palin won in my county

--McCain/Palin seems to have won Missouri by a small margin, although the state isn't being called one way or the other

--The 3 stellar Republican Representatives (Doug Ervin, Tim Flook and Jerry Nolte) that I was rooting for in my county all won by large margins. Nolte's was impressive because in a Democrat year he won handily when his district has more registered Democrats than Republicans.

--My excellent State Senator Luann Ridgeway ran an excellent campaign and also won by a good margin.

--Sarah Palin will be a big player for the GOP. Many conservatives turned out in droves for McCain because of Sarah Palin. She has a bright future in the Republican party.

--We will have 24/7 entertainment waiting to see what psychotic thing Joe Biden will say or do next. If Obama is smart, he will give Biden a dual job with the other being an ambassadorship to a far away country.

--Ben Shapiro captures what an Obama administration might look like and how things will pan out by 2012.

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