Friday, November 07, 2008

Dealing with the Aftermath!

To be honest, the past couple of days have been rough. I've been grieving what we've lost. Last night, I was particularly having a difficult time and I realized what my biggest problem was, none of this has been fair. I realize that one of the fundamentals of life is that many things aren't fair. Its one of the things we tell our children when they are young. Don't expect life to be fair, because it isn't.

That said, I'm going to voice some of my frustrations. As I've been visiting a lot of conservative blogs, I'm getting a glimpse at how we as conservatives are coping with this new set of events.

Many on our side of the aisle have been very gracious towards Obama. John McCain himself gave what was probably the most gracious concession speech I've ever heard. President Bush who is always a class act has been more than gracious as well. When I saw Karl Rove being gracious on Fox News, I just shook my head. Rove has been so demonized and attacked by the left that had I been him, I don't think I could've been half as gracious.

All of this has been a bitter pill to swallow after what those of us on the right have been put through the past 8 years. Robin pointed it out so well when she said,
"All I can say is I promise to treat the new "president" with the same respect that was given to President Bush."
My beloved President has been compared to Hitler, he has been trashed, belittled and demeaned all while turning the other cheek and keeping this country safe. He came into the White House with a "new tone" which the Democrats immediately used to stab him in the back.

In 2000, where was Gore's gracious concession speech? In 2004, where was Kerry's gracious concession speech? I was never even able to celebrate a Bush win on the night of either election because Gore and Kerry cared more about themselves than the country. Where were the liberals that were gracious to Bush and said we had to give him a chance? There were none!!!

Now, we have liberals gloating everywhere and rubbing it in our face that we are to treat Obama with respect. We are supposed to suck it up, because he's our President whether we like it or not. A new reader of my blog sent me an email that a liberal co-worker sent her. Here is just an excerpt of what it said:
"But I'm not going to tell you "losers" to sit down and shut up. I say stand up and speak out if you have legitimate concerns. But here are some examples of really ridiculous concerns:

1- Obama will "destroy" America because of his association with (fill in the blank):
Ayers, Khalidi, Acorn, Malcom X, Cheney
2- Obama will "destroy" America because he is a (fill in the blank):
socialist, Muslim, terrorist, baby killer, Hawaiian secessionist

Before slandering President Elect Barack Obama, you should investigate the people your own guy/gal have (actually) been associated with and the things they have (actually) done. It's a lucky thing for the McCain/Palin team that Obama decided to merely beat them fairly and honestly rather than "destroy" THEM. To bring up the afore mentioned concerns based entirely on the GOP's attempted character assasination would only make you look as ridiculous as, say, Freedom fries or Joe the Plumber or, you know - Her.

Try to accept that McCain's hell-bent "straight talk" express crashed and burned in it's own hate fueled smears. They ran a dirty campain and they deserved to lose."
At the end of the email, the co-worker said that Obama was going to nominate all these wonderful people to his cabinet that would then repair all of the horrible things that the Bush administration has done. And in the end the entire world will be able to see how stupid we were never to have supported Obama. Unbelievably condescending and hateful gloating is what that is.

The reason it so infuriates me is because I would never do this to someone. I may be excited about something on my own blog, but I would never go to a liberal blog and gloat and say hateful things. I would not send emails to liberal friends and rub it in their face. Yet, you would not believe the immature and hateful things that were said to me the night Obama won.

I'm not sure why liberals are so threatened by my blog when they control all of the MSM. Of course, if they have their way they will silence the only media we do monopolize, talk radio and the alternative media on the internet. In true socialistic fashion, the liberals must control ALL news media outlets. Its not enough to have control of 90% of it.

And of course, I can never say it better than Ann Coulter. So I will conclude with an excerpt of the latter part of her most recent column:
"I keep trying to get Democrats to take my advice (stop being so crazy), but they never listen to me. Why do Republicans take the advice of their enemies?

How many times do we have to run this experiment before Republican primary voters learn that "moderate," "independent," "maverick" Republicans never win, and right-wing Republicans never lose?

Indeed, the only good thing about McCain is that he gave us a genuine conservative, Sarah Palin. He's like one of those insects that lives just long enough to reproduce so that the species can survive. That's why a lot of us are referring to Sarah as "The One" these days.

Like Sarah Connor in "The Terminator," Sarah Palin is destined to give birth to a new movement. That's why the Democrats are trying to kill her. And Arnold Schwarzenegger is involved somehow, too. Good Lord, I'm tired.

After showing nearly superhuman restraint throughout this campaign, which was lost the night McCain won the California primary, I am now liberated to announce that all I care about is hunting down and punishing every Republican who voted for McCain in the primaries. I have a list and am prepared to produce the names of every person who told me he was voting for McCain to the proper authorities.

We'll start with former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani, California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Florida Gov. Charlie Crist. Then we shall march through the states of New Hampshire and South Carolina -- states that must never, ever be allowed to hold early Republican primaries again.

For now, we have a new president-elect. In the spirit of reaching across the aisle, we owe it to the Democrats to show their president the exact same kind of respect and loyalty that they have shown our recent Republican president.

Starting tomorrow, if not sooner.
Heidi quoted from an FDR speech in her aftermath post and concluded with this quote, which I will leave you with as well,
"God bless you all and may God have mercy upon our souls - and our country."

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