Monday, September 01, 2008

I Can't Stop Talking about Sarah Palin!!

I'm sure many of you would like to talk and read about other things, but I'm just too psyched to move on just yet. The Sarah Palin pick is historic, exciting and she may yet turn out to be the U.S. version of Margaret Thatcher.

While doing research on her, I've stumbled upon some interesting finds.

--First, the left has already shown themselves to be completely despicable in the levels to which they would sink to trash this honorable woman. The Kos Kiddies and other liberal blogs have been spreading a rumor that Sarah Palin's Down Syndrome son wasn't really hers but her teenage daughter's. On so many levels this is beyond gutter politics. Thank goodness for Amanda Carpenter at Townhall for exposing this rumor as false and ridiculous.

--Second, the biography on Palin is sold out while Nancy Pelosi's book continues to tank.

--Third, another Town Hall blogger speaks on Palin. Hugh Hewitt compares Palin to Obama in terms of who would do a better job at dealing with post-hurricane rescue and relief efforts. He also wrote an excellent article on cheering the Palin pick.

--Fourth, Nancy Morgan from writes an excellent column entitled, Hillary vs. Sarah. Alls I can say is wow and I agree 100%. Morgan does an excellent job of explaining why she, and the rest of us, are so excited about Sarah Palin.

Fifth, John McCain touts Palin on Fox News Sunday. I, like Tammy Bruce came to support McCain grudgingly after supporting Rudy and Romney but count both of us excited now.

Hat tip to a new blog I discovered entitled, Hyscience. They have a ton of great stuff and a wealth of posts on Sarah Palin.

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