Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Debunking the Lies and Smears about Sarah Palin!

1) Megyn Kelly is now my hero after seeing how she went after US Weekly for their smears on Sarah Palin. The cover on their magazine was extremely misleading, it said, "Babies, Lies and Scandal". What no one could know from just seeing the cover is that the lies and scandal part was referring to the liberal bloggers who viciously went after Palin. Whoever put that cover together should've been fired. Instead, the senior editor defended the despicable cover and the malicious story. What makes it even worse is that the same magazine had already done a puff piece on the Obama family.

After seeing the arrogance of US Weekly's senior editor, somewhere in the neighborhood of 10,000 people have canceled their subscriptions. It also looks like they are doing a pathetic job at responding to the cancellations and so the numbers climb.

2) Contrary to what some have been saying, Palin never banned any books. I'm sorry, but this lie was so pathetic.

3) Charlie Martin has an ever growing list of Palin rumors that aren't true and the links to back it up.

4) also has a list of rumors that are met with the truth.

5) Sarah Palin's Expenses As Governor Scandalously...80% Lower Than Her Predecessor's! This post shows how ridiculous a Washington Post article was that whined about her expenses. They didn't do the math to realize that after it was all said and done, she still spent 80% less than her predecessor. Before you dig up "what you think" is dirt on someone, you might want to do the math first ;-).

5) It also looks like the smears against Palin are backfiring. Since, we now have Hillary backers coming to Sarah's defense. I forgot to mention that there was a Hillary turned Palin supporter at the McCain/Palin rally on Monday and she spoke before they came on stage.

Obama arrogantly said recently that he had been under scrutiny for 19 months and that Palin had only been going through it for a week. The problem is, the Drive By Media ignored significant issues related to Obama until he had basically sewn up the nomination. Sean Hannity had exposed Reverend Wright for his troublesome sermons an entire year before the Drive By Media even paid attention to it. And as Sean Hannity said recently, Palin has been scrutinized more in the past 2 weeks by the Drive By Media than Obama has in the past 19 months.

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