Sunday, September 14, 2008

Charlie Gibson's Interview with Sarah Palin!

To be honest, I'm not sure I've ever watched an entire Charlie Gibson interview before. After watching his interview with Sarah Palin, I realize I wasn't missing much. To put it simply, what a jerk!! Every question he posed to her was dripping with disdain, condescension and skepticism. Yet, Palin handled every single question with poise, grace and confidence. Nothing seems to ruffle her feathers. It is a good thing, since the Drive By Media has Palin Derangement Syndrome and bad. Here is an excerpt from an email to Kathryn Jean Lopez at the Corner via Patrick:
"The elitism and condescending attitude of the media is blaring through, and it doesn't go unnoticed in the new media culture. When does Obama get asked these same questions ? Can he do it without umm'ing and err'ing, turning what should be a 30 second answer into a 3 minute snooze-fest?"

My first question for the McCain camp was, why did they decide to have her first interview be with Gibson? I'm not sure what the thought process was there, except maybe to show she can handle even the toughest of interviews.

I thought Gibson's question about if she thought she had enough experience was a huge insult, especially the way he asked it. Would he ask Obama that? Its a lot more relevant to him than it is to her. I don't get where this lack of experience perception is coming from. I even have conservatives bringing up that she doesn't have enough foreign policy experience. How much foreign policy experience did Reagan, Bush or Clinton have? They were all Governors too.

Then Gibson asks if she is terrified or overwhelmed at the thought of being Vice President. Once again, how demeaning a question is that? Is it because she's a woman or a conservative? Either Gibson is a conservative-a-phobe or a sexist or both ;-).

Finally, he asks (like he works for the Obama campaign, but I guess most of the media does) why she keeps saying that Obama will raise taxes? Hello??? He has said he will. Her response was so quick and so good. She replied that 94 times Obama had a chance to vote on the side of the tax payers and 94 times he voted on the wrong side. Ouch!!

Bottom line: Charlie Gibson grilled her mercilessly and Palin handled herself extremely well. I would expect nothing less.

Charles Krauthammer weighs in with his article entitled, Charlie Gibson's Gaffe. Another article written by Martin Sieff is entitled, ABC's Gibson grilled Palin hard, but it may backfire makes some great points. Sieff contrasts how both Obama and Biden have been treated with kid gloves by the media whereas Gibson was out for blood in his interview with Palin. Sieff points out that it was clear that Gibson's treatment of Palin was a double standard and that he was out to embarrass her. He brings up in his conclusion how this may backfire on the Drive By Media, who is in the tank for Obama:
"The pattern of previous presidential election interviews and debates has always been that individuals who come across as intellectually superior, arrogant and condescending forfeit support that goes to their perceived victims. This dynamic played a crucial role in propelling George W. Bush into the White House eight years ago. It remains to be seen if Gibson's perceived arrogance and condescension will give Palin another boost. It certainly didn't help the Democrats that ABC's chief political correspondent, Stephanopoulos, who had rushed to Obama's aid only four days before, was wheeled on to discuss her interview with Gibson as soon as it was concluded."

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