Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My Advice for John McCain's Campaign

I only caught a small part of this segment on O'Reilly's show last night but it got me to thinking. Monica Crowley and Tammy Bruce were on and O'Reilly was asking them what advice they would have for McCain, since he wasn't running a very good campaign. I started thinking about it and I realized that there was a lot of truth to what they were saying. I have been so caught up in the fact that we have such a lousy candidate that I haven't really thought about how he's been running his campaign.

I'm sure McCain has plenty of advisers, but obviously they aren't doing a very good job so far. So I will offer just a few things that I think would help his campaign and possibly garner more support. If he could change the dynamic of his campaign it could give a lot of us in the base that have problems with him a reason to vote for him. Some of these are things that Tammy Bruce and Monica Crowley brought up, some are things that I have mentioned in the past, some are things that other bloggers have mentioned and some are new.

1) Stop pandering to Democrats, liberals and the Media. This is something that Tammy Bruce brought up. You would think this would be a no-brainer for someone who is the Republican nominee but McCain has always had a problem with this and it is a huge reason why many of us distrust him. My Pastor just brought this up the other day as a reason why McCain bothers him.

2) Pick a really good, solid conservative for your Vice President. I and every single other conservative of note has talked about this incessantly. I know of no other election where the Vice Presidential pick was as crucial as it is this time. McCain's pick literally could make or break him winning in the fall. I'm not sure if he's fully aware of this, but it is the truth.

I would love to see him pick someone like J.C. Watts or Governor Sarah Palin, not someone like Crist or Pawlenty and definitely not Huckabee or Lieberman.

3) Put your wife out front and center and have her do a lot of campaigning. I think Monica Crowley brought this up and I wholeheartedly agree. I stumbled across the above link and talked about it on the radio show this past Monday. I don't know that much about Cindy McCain but what I do know is positive. So far her only flaw is marrying her husband ;-). She can only be an asset and she has to be better than Michelle Obama.

4) Make a HUGE deal out of domestic drilling and come up with a great energy plan!! Rush, Bill Kristol as well as myself and Patrick M have brought up how this issue is a win, win. It is something conservatives have been talking about for years, it is what is best for the country and the American people support it because they are tired of gas prices being high. This is a winning issue for conservatives.

5) Run on the theme of just 3 to 5 core issues. Monica Crowley brought up how Reagan ran on 3 main issues of lower taxes, defeating communism and smaller government. She mentioned 5 things for McCain and I don't remember what all of them were. But 3 that come to mind are lower taxes, the war on terror and Judges. If McCain could talk about those 3 issues in a way that made me believe that he would really follow through on them he might have a chance along with a stellar VP.

6) He needs to get tougher and be more aggressive! Tammy Bruce brought this up and called McCain, Mr. Rogers. She is exactly right. I'm kind of bewildered at how McCain can get agitated at his own party, seems to have a temper and yet doesn't take the Democrats to task on barely anything. How does he expect to win this election? If he runs his campaign the way he is now up until November without going after Obama, he will get trounced. At some point he is going to have to take off the gloves. Even Bush did that with his "new tone" in Washington.

Crowley, Bruce and O'Reilly also mentioned that he seems to lack passion and strength. I'm not sure how you muster that when you don't have it. I think, once again, this is yet another reason I'm not a fan. Rudy had both of those, passion and strength and you can't fake them. But, bottom line, should the better, more principled person win at the end of the day? Yes, and that would be McCain over Obama. Can he do it? We shall see.......

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