Saturday, July 12, 2008

Highlighting James' Response to My Post on Friday

Here is a great comment from one of Dee's blogging friends to my: "black hole", "angel food cake" and "devils food cake" post .

James, Dee's liberal friend took the "cake" when he made this comment:

There are racial undertones all around us, Dee. You have to ask yourself: why must I be koo koo for Cocoa Puffs? The Frosted Flakes are great. Does the chocolate cereal make you crazy? It’s blatant racism. You have to look deep.

Take chocolate swirl ice cream. Why does the chocolate swirl, you ask? The swirl is symbolic of the white man infiltrating the mind of the black man, and confusing him with a Eurocentric indoctrination until only remnants of historical ties to Africa remain. These remnants are placed into the cooling air of discrimination and where they harden and then are plunged into the batter of assimilation. To the world, these harden remnants are known as chocolate chips. Any morsels that didn’t take to the batter become chips on our shoulders – or rappers with gold teeth with ebonically spelled scary names… but I digress. To add insult to injury, the Keebler Elves (the white man) promotes dipping the chocolate chip in milk – this oxidation process effects the free “black” radical to break away from the libations of his ancestry which leaves behind a shell of a black man with a high-pitched nasally voice who spends his evenings listening to his Bing Crosby collection. So yes… there is racism in food... We should change devil food cakes to Jesus food cakes cuz we all know that Jesus was a black man. And with me having a bean head, i say we get rid of black beans too. How am I suppose to know if the black beans on the menu is a side order or code
word for “the man” to raise up, decapitate me, then serve me with lemon peppered salmon... when you know (and it’s been proven) I taste much better with tilapia.

So I say, we as Americans have to understand racist subliminal messages that are sent in the foods that we eat. The next time you eat a chocolate chip cookie, think about all of the black men that perished that made it possible. If possible, don’t eat the chocolate chips – better yet, have an Oreo. There’s more vanilla than chocolate in them. It’s true – read the label.

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