Sunday, July 06, 2008

Global Scare of Titanic Proportions

Here's a real weeper for you. Filled with the most absurd hyperbolic scaremongering and flat out LIES! And why you ask? Simple... it's all for MONEY!

Lies piled on lies!

Here are a few quotes from the script of this weeper with some counterpoint:

"A tragedy is unfolding"
The tragedy is you wasted thousands to put out this crap while real problems like human poverty, disease and illiteracy go unanswered.

"Polar bears struggling to survive"
Like they have for millenia.

"The ice is melting all around them"
Yeah, it's called SUMMER. Northern sea ice is actually rebounding from a natural low.

"Climate change, it's happening right now"
As it has since the planet was formed.

"Cubs dying without enough to eat"
So why did environmental extremists want to kill Knut?

"Polar bears ARE on their way to extinction."
Saying it in a dramatic voice doesn't make it so. The opposite is true.

"If we don't act now most will die in our children's lifetime"
Again, no factual basis for the claim and what a way to pull on the little kiddies heartstrings.
With this kind of blatant environmental scaremongering going on using millions of dollars for this and similar ad campaigns is it any wonder that it is so difficult to get the FACTS of what is really happening to the public?

What's really at stake here is a vicious and unprincipled competition for the nearly seven BILLION dollars Americans give annually to environmental groups.

Follow the money!

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