Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday Smorgasbord

1) I've been teaching the 2nd Graders in Vacation Bible School this week at our Church. This is why I've been light on the blogging. I went straight from getting back into town to teaching VBS and so I'm a little on the sleep deprived side. After today, my goal is to get caught up on sleep and get my act together before I commit to anything else.

2) I can't imagine why I've never been a David Letterman fan!! This latest stunt of his is just beyond the pale.

3) On August 1st, Rush will celebrate the 20th Anniversary of his radio show!

4) Obama is having a tough time reconciling the fact that he predicted the surge wouldn't work with the blatant truth that it is working, and has been for some time. Even the Drive By Media is reluctantly being forced to admit it.

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