Wednesday, June 04, 2008

What has Scott McClellan been Smoking?

I've been trying to analyze what it is about McClellan that has me so ticked off. So, here we go:
#1--I genuinely believe Bush to be a man of honor, principles, character, integrity and faith. I have done many posts listing Bush's many accomplishments and why history will regard him much more favorably than he's regarded today. So, it really bothers me when someone who Bush put his trust in can so easily be a mouthpiece spewing forth Democrat talking points, and then turn around and say he still has "affection" for Bush.

#2--He brings nothing new to the table, no proof and didn't even have access to much of the issues he is talking about. He acts like he had first hand knowledge and witnessed events that he didn't. These are just his "so called opinions" that coincidentally seem to match rabid Bush haters and liberals.

#3--All of his criticism is "Monday morning quarterbacking" of which he is in no position to be critical. He failed at being press secretary and he really is going to have the audacity to criticize how the President of the United States handled Katrina???? You've got to be kidding me.

#4--He isn't honest about anything. He claims to have just come to this revelation recently. Once again, either he was lying to the American people for 3 years or he's lying now, neither is very admirable.

He claims that he wrote this book to help get the partisanship out of Washington. What kind of drugs is he on? How stupid does he think we are? He writes a book where he trashes the President of the U.S. while he STILL in office, he goes to a publisher notorious for publishing liberal books and then basks in the adoration of the Drive By Media as they fall all over themselves interviewing him. Yeah, that sounds like someone who wanted to bring about bi-partisanship.

#5--He seems to be out in left field on almost everything. He says he's not sure who he is going to vote for. He likes McCain because he's in the middle (like him), but Obama intrigues him.

Again, what the hell? Either he has been smoking some really heavy drugs or he has been in Washington way too long. I just don't get it!

If you missed O'Reilly interviewing McClellan, the top 2 videos of this post have the whole interview. I will give McClellan credit for being brave enough to come on the show, but otherwise he is a pretty despicable man.

As O'Reilly pointed out, McClellan is extremely naive not to realize that his book is being used by Bush haters here in the U.S. and by America Haters and terrorist abroad. I was immensely proud of O'Reilly for taking him to task for not being smart enough to realize how our country's enemies would use this book, talk about propaganda.

O'Reily also brought up the next day on his radio how how McClellan burned all his bridges. He has now alienated all his friends he used to have on the right and all his new friends on the left will quickly abandon him as soon as they are done using him. A pretty sad picture for McClellan. I wonder if he thinks it was worth it.

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