Friday, June 20, 2008

Quick Highlights!

1) If you read no other book this year, Mistaken Identity is a must read. I can't speak highly enough about it. It is a powerful, gripping, true story. I saw both the Dateline and the Oprah interviews about it and didn't think I could learn much more from the book but I read it anyway. I learned a lot and was moved to tears and inspired beyond measure. I will do a a full book review when I have time.

I also just finished listening to Mornings on Horseback by David McCullough about Teddy Roosevelt. McCullough is by far and away my favorite historian. He does such a wonderful job. I fell in love with the Roosevelt family through listening to it and it reinforced my view of him as one of my favorite presidents. I will also do a review on this as well. It was an unabridged version so it was 19 1/2 hours of listening. I listened to a lot of it while cleaning out the garage while my kids were at Sports Camp.

I've just started listening to John Adams by David McCullough and I just bought the latest Stephanie Plum book, Fearless Fourteen which I can't wait to start.

2) J.C. Watts and Armstrong Williams were both on Sean Hannity's radio show to explain their comments in this article. I am still kicking myself because I even emailed Sean Hannity asking him to have Watts on and then I forgot to listen on Monday and Hannity had him on and I MISSED IT. If anyone heard it or knows how to access the show from this past Monday let me know.

All that to say, the article I found basically says that Watts says he isn't saying he would vote for Obama just that he isn't a lock for McCain. Which is a lot different, I'm not even a lock for McCain but there is no way I'm voting for Obama.

I did hear Armstrong Williams and he says something similar. He wishes he could vote for Obama in that its a historical moment for an African American man but that because of his policies there is probably no way. Bottom line: although both men are torn (probably because McCain is such a dismal candidate) they aren't likely to vote for Obama.

3) NBC looking at Chris Matthews, David Gregory or Joe Scarborough to replace Russert. Are they on drugs? Matthews and Gregory are two of the most bitter, partisan, hateful men I've ever seen. They are nothing like Tim Russert and would be horrible replacements. Scarborough isn't bitter or hateful but he is a far cry from Russert. NBC needs to go looking somewhere else, none of those men are going to cut it.

4) One's Dream is another's Nightmare!

5) I love Rumsfeld!

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