Saturday, June 07, 2008

Don't Give up on the Republican Party!

Sean Hannity was on fire the other day, concerned about how McCain was being "too nice" to Obama in his speech and how Obama just lit into McCain. He talked about how Obama will be attacking McCain day and night and McCain is going to be "above it all" while continuing to snub his own base. This is exactly why McCain is going to have an extremely hard time winning. He seems to be very confused as to which side he's on and is nice to the people who attack him mercilessly while spitting in the face of those in his own party.

As I was listening to a passionate Hannity, it hit me how he and Rush and others have already done so much of the heavy lifting exposing Obama and McCain has just been able to sit on the sidelines as the "nice guy". Its pretty frustrating, especially when you are extremely aware that McCain will never show them the appreciation they deserve.

Yesterday, continuing on the same theme, Hannity was honest about his extreme frustration with McCain over numerous issues but acknowledged how dangerous Obama would be for our country. He echoed what many of us have been saying that it is CRUCIAL for McCain to pick a VP that the base will be happy with. Whether that will happen or not is anyone's guess. I sure wouldn't bet any money on it.

My top 2 choices are still J.C. Watts and Governor Sarah Palin but they are both long shots for numerous reasons. That said, we shouldn't lose heart and we shouldn't give up on the Republican party.

Below is an email that I have sent to 2 blogging friends who have declared they are leaving the Republican party because of McCain and the direction he is trying to take the party:
I saw your post about leaving the Republican party. I want to urge you to re-consider. I, of all people understand your anger. As you know, I literally despise John McCain and I am livid that we are stuck with him this time around, but I still have a lot of hope for our party. McCain and Schwarzenegger want to take over the party but they won't be able to when there are people like you and me involved.

I refuse to give any money to the party in general (I will give to specific candidates) or to John McCain because of him. But believe me, I've looked at the alternatives and they are frightening. The Constitution Party held their convention right here in KC and a friend of mine who is a libertarian interviewed all of the candidates who were running for President, and they were ALL nut jobs, without exception.

What gives me hope is what a wonderful State Representative here in my area said when he gave a speech on the philosophy of the Republican Party. Re-read that, and if you don't agree with it, then you can leave the Republican party.

What you have to remember is that before we got Reagan, Republicans were DUMB ENOUGH to vote for Ford OVER Reagan in the primaries. It took us Jimmy Carter to get Reagan and unfortunately it may take Obama to get our next great Republican president. This year sucks, its a lot like the Ford and the Dole years and we lost both of those times. I keep going back to Tammy Bruce's statement. If we are going to be driven into a wall at 80 miles an hour, I'd rather it be done by a real liberal than a fake conservative.

I totally get how hard this time is. I am a cheerleader who is obsessed with politics and I have ABSOLUTELY no one to cheer for right now, its hard. But don't lose heart.
That is indeed the message I want to convey, don't lose heart. I'm not concerned with whether you vote for McCain in the fall or not. I, myself still haven't decided. What I am concerned about is that conservatives still get out and vote for local Republicans and for their U.S. Senators and Representatives. Don't punish good Republicans for what some of the bad ones have done. And don't give up on a party that has some bad members.

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