Saturday, May 24, 2008

Why are you voting for your candidate?

What happened to voting for candidates based on their merits, where they stood on the issues and what their principles were? My U.S. Congressman Sam Graves has done a stellar job for my district for the past 7 years. He has easily won re-election 3 times but this time his opponent is a woman, Mayor Kay Barnes, and she has all the backing of Hollywood liberals and their money.

Barnes' defenders such as Rhonda Chriss Lokeman want to bring her sex into the equation. Apparently, Graves isn't allowed to call Barnes on the issues because she's a woman according to Lokeman's recent column, The Californication of our Midwest Values. I wrote a letter to the editor and the KC Star published it:
As a woman, I found Rhonda Chriss Lokeman’s latest column, “The Californication of our Midwest values” (5/18, Opinion) offensive. She seemed to be attempting to play the “woman” card. It seems that to Lokeman, Congressman Sam Graves isn’t allowed to bring up the issue of gay marriage in Missouri’s 6th District race because he is running against a woman.

What happened to judging candidates based on their stances on issues and their principles and not on their gender? I happen to be a woman who believes in traditional marriage. I agree that gay marriage is more consistent with “California values” than Missouri values. I think that was proved last week when the California Supreme Court overturned California’s ban on gay marriage.

Voters in Missouri’s 6th district have a clear choice: They can elect someone whose values side more with those on the California Supreme Court or the voters of Missouri, who overwhelmingly voted in 2004 to ban gay marriage.

Women have come a long way in politics. We now hold all kinds of seats. Yet, when we run for office I think most of us want to earn it on our merits, not by gaining sympathy and making out our male opponent as a bully. If we get into the ring, we have to be able to take the punches, or else we haven't come very far after all.

By the way, Graves is leading Barnes by 10 points in the latest poll.

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