Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Tuesday Thoughts!!

1) I'm getting in line to get David Cook Tickets this Morning!!

2) My youngest son aka Cute Boy got baptized this past Sunday! It is kind of special because I realized that I have had the privilege of praying with all 4 of my kids to accept Christ and my husband as a Youth Pastor has been able to baptize all of them.

It was funny because our Pastor told him to make sure he spoke up (big mistake) which he freely did. He is not shy at all and he is up in the baptismal waving at everyone. The other person who got baptized is a friend of my husband's and does not like being the center of attention at all so he and Cute boy were quite the opposites.

3) RT's Encouragement Post with a Jeremy Camp song!

4) I am now on my 3rd round of medicines to prevent my headaches. The 2nd one took away my headaches but made me a basket case, so that didn't work. I'm also doing another set of tests as a result of my MRI results. I'll be glad when I get all of this resolved.

5) Obama and Hillary continue to duke it out!! The Primary that never ends........ I didn't hear Rush yesterday so didn't hear what the latest is with Operation Chaos.

6) I am re-watching Season 1 of 24, I really miss David Palmer!!

7) Did Obama Marinate for 20 years in Pastor's ideas?

8) Jenna Bush won't be getting married at the White House!

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