Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tuesday Smorgasbord

1) Hippy-Crites!!
This doesn't surprise me at all. A London Paper outs a bunch of Hollywood Celebrities as being complete hypocrites on what they are doing versus what they are lecturing the rest of us on when it comes to "saving the planet".
Hat Tip: Cajun Tiger

2) Ron Paul continues to plot a revolt against McCain at the GOP convention!

3) McCain ticks off conservatives, yet again!!

4) David Archuleta's father loses his backstage Idol pass.
There had been rumors that Archuleta's father was one of those control freak Dads and I think to some extent that has been confirmed. The final straw was this last weekend but it appears that he's been harassing many at American Idol, including some of the other contestants for awhile. It will be interesting to see if there is any difference in his performance in the next 2 weeks without his father's interference.

The article that I linked to above compared Archuleta's father to Joseph Jackson and that really set some alarm bells off for me. I started seeing some similarities between David Archuleta and Michael Jackson, and not in a good way.

5) Reality Check on American Idol!
I thought this was one of the best articles I've seen at accurately describing fan bases for the different contestants. As I waited hours in line to see David Cook I turned to one of my friends and said, "Would women our age be standing in line to see David Archuleta?" No way!! The writer points it out so well when she says this,
"Let's face it. Unless you're under 12 or in serious need of therapy, you don't have a "thing" for David Archuleta."
One of the Djs at a Kansas City radio station here said that it was incredible because Cook's fans ranged from little kids to older adults, you can't say that about David Archuleta. That says it all!!

6) New Beverly Hills 90210 Spin-Off Series--
So far it looks like both Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling have signed on to play in this new spin-off series. I have my doubts about how good it will be but if both of them have agreed to be in it I will at least have to give it a try. I'm really hoping Jason Priestly signs on as well.

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