Friday, May 02, 2008

I'll Take Political Pandering for $1,000

As Obama and Hillary continue to battle it out for the Democrat nomination the pandering is reaching new heights. I may not be a fan of John McCain but one thing you can say about him is, he doesn't pander.

So what were their latest stunts this week?

Hillary decides after ignoring Bill O'Reilly's plea for an interview for 8 years, she's finally going to sit down and do the interview. Why? She is desperate, and she'll do anything at this stage to try and garner votes and it is called, political pandering. Ask the Daily Kos, they are livid with her for agreeing to do it.

Barack Obama throws his Pastor Jeremiah Wright under the bus! Wright may have been his mentor, married he and his wife and baptized his children but he is now jeopardizing his presidential ambitions, so it was time for him to go.

Am I saying that Hillary shouldn't have done the interview or that Obama shouldn't have disassociated himself from Wright? No!! The problem is they both should've done those things a long time ago, when at the time they might have had a chance at being genuine acts. Now, they are seen for what they are, steps to move them a little closer to the White House.

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