Friday, May 23, 2008

Back To Politics!

1) McCain to meet possible running mates--McCain is meeting with Crist, Jindal and Romney. This is fairly good news in that 2 out of those 3 would work for me. Jindal would be my first choice and Romney would be 2nd. Crist happens to be too moderate so I'm hoping he doesn't get picked. J.C. Watts still ranks above all 3 but I'd settle for Jindal ;-)). McCain could go a long way in helping himself with the conservative base if he picks him.

2) If We Could Talk to the Animals--Ann's latest column is priceless, as usual. Here is an excerpt:
"You always know you've struck gold when liberals react with hysteria and rage to something you've said. So I knew President Bush's speech at the Knesset last week was a barnburner even before I read it. Liberals haven't been this worked up since Rev. Jerry Falwell criticized a cartoon sponge.

Calling the fight against terrorism "the defining challenge of our time" – which already confused liberals who think the defining struggle of our time is against Wal-Mart..."

3) Praying for Steven Curtis Chapman and his family--For those of you who aren't familiar with Chapman he is a famous Contemporary Christian singer. He is a great Christian man who has promoted overseas adoptions now for years. Tragedy struck his family this week when one of his teenagers accidentally ran over their youngest daughter in their driveway and she died.

4) Who is to blame for high gas prices?--My blood has been boiling listening to Democrats in Congress attempting to blame "evil big oil" for high gas prices right now. Mike did an excellent job laying out the truth in his comprehensive post.

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