Friday, March 14, 2008

Ron Paul is not giving up!!

Despite several reports saying that Ron Paul is dropping out of the Presidential race he has no such plans. The Ron Paul groupies are planning on trying to take over meetings on the Republican Party Platform in numerous counties here in Missouri and presumably other states as well. I don't exactly understand how they are going to be able to do this except they are planning on turning out huge numbers of people.

I am planning on getting more of the details today and I will post them when I have them. Stay Tuned!!

I know most of us just look at Ron Paul and his followers as nut jobs but he isn't dumb. I got more details about what his cult is trying to do. They are bringing people into Open Caucus's around the state this Saturday. We (The Republican party) in each county are picking delegates to go to the different Congressional Districts. The Caucus is open to all registered Republicans and is voted on by a majority. Normally committees have already decided things and it is open and shut.

Except this year the Ron Paul campaign is training people on how to take over these caucuses. They want to add 10 Resolutions (we can only imagine what those would be) to the Missouri Republican Party Platform and all the other states' platforms. They also want to control all the delegates that go to the national convention. Apparently they have already taken over 70% of Nevada's delegates to the National Republican Convention.

Our county is mobilizing people to be able to stop them but it is unbelievable what they are trying to do.

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