Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hillary Clinton's Compulsive Lying Disorder

Soooo, Hillary Clinton lied about what happened during her trip to Bosnia. Is this something new for her, or her husband? The number of times I have shook my head in disbelief at the Clintons is astounding. How many times have they told bald faced lies, only to know that someone would be able to prove they were lying? It defies logic.

Hillary's latest "gaffe" is just part of a larger problem that her and her husband have had for a long time. I will never understand:
1) Her willingness to tell the lies
2) The ease with which she does it
3) The audacity to do it, knowing how easy it will be to prove she is lying
4) The appearance that she lacks a conscience in any shape or form
5) The willingness of the American people to support someone so blatantly corrupt and dishonest (she doesn't even try to hide it)
6) The Drive By Media's willingness to make excuses for her

The fact that this woman has any support for President of the United States after all that is known about her is astounding. I for one can't comprehend it. Listening to Democrats try to defend her by saying that she misspoke, that she was sleep deprived, etc... is beyond laughable.

Hillary Clinton's defense in her own behalf? She's human!

My response? I just shake my head and laugh.

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