Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Wednesday Smorgasbord

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1) Michelle Obama is finally proud of her country--I agree with Gateway Pundit in that this is just sick. She has lived in this blessed country for 44 years and she is just now proud? As Rush pointed out both her and her husband have been very successful and part of the elite of society but I guess this whole time she hated this great country that enabled all of their success. The ultimate representation of how liberals view our country.

Cindy McCain did a great job at responding. She has always been proud of her country. Hot Air did a great job of summing up what they thought about Michelle Obama's comments:
“Only her husband’s run for president has made her proud of America? That’s … extremely narcissistic and self-centered.” “How sad. I certainly don’t want such a vain pessimist as First Lady.”

2) Al Qaeda in Baghdad has Been Defeated--Steve always does a great job of pointing out the good news in Iraq and Afghanistan that the Drive By Media ignores. If things are going well you know because there is silence.

3) Bill Clinton continues to come unhinged. How much therapy are both the Clintons going to require if she loses the nomination?

4) I'm really enjoying Facebook. A friend of mine talked me into signing up for My Space awhile ago and I've never done anything with it. Yet, a blogging friend talked me into signing up for Facebook and I've really enjoyed it. It is much more user friendly than My Space and they have all kinds of neat gadgets. I'm able to compile all my books and movies and there are all kinds of fun ways to stay in touch with friends. If you are already on Facebook let me know and if not I encourage you to sign up.

5) I love the Tv show, The Office! I have been watching all the past episodes via Netflix and I am almost caught up. I have even watched quite a few of the Season 4 episodes through the NBC site. It is hilarious and the more you get to know the characters the funnier it gets. I also love the relationship that Pam and Jim have.

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