Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Wednesday List

"On a moderately unrelated note, much of my inspiration for today's blog, as it often is on Tuesdays, is based on listening to Dee. I guess I must be following her as the media does Obama, except without the stalking, and taping expensive things to doors, and making life-sized cardboard cutouts of her before which I bow in utter subservience."--Patrick M

1) Newer blogs to the blogroll! The above quote put a huge smile on my face. Patrick M from Sane Political Discourse is one of my new additions to the blogroll recently and he's a great guy as you can obviously see ;-).

Here are a couple more new ones:
--Joco Sob--He is a local guy that I recently discovered. He likes Harleys, Jack Bauer, Carrie Underwood and he is a Conservative. Does it get any better than that? He won me over with this post on Chick Flicks. He also agrees with me that this winter has sucked!

--Joshua P. Allem--This guy is a buddy of Skye's and it is easy to see why. He is a fellow radio guy who likes Rush and is pained by the nomination of Mr. Straight Talk Express.

--Photo Paintings by Kelley--A fellow Christian and he likes to do humor posts.

2) The Encourager Award goes to Rivka! I'm so glad Rivka jumped back into blogging again recently. She is a great friend and one of my biggest supporters. She sent me a wonderful email this week that really encouraged me.

3) Ted Kennedy singing! The first time I heard this I thought it was a joke. Once again, time to enact a "sanity" test for U.S. Senators to pass before getting re-elected. We'd trim the senate of a lot of unwanted chaff.

4) Hillary or Obama? I talked yesterday about how the Clintons are in melt down mode. That doesn't mean Hillary can't still pull off the nomination, although that now seems unlikely. However, as Rush pointed out the longer the Dems are in disarray the better it will be, so I'm hoping Hillary does fairly well next Tuesday. The longer she sticks around and fights the longer there is a huge split in the Democratic party.

5) I'll leave you with this Calvin and Hobbes! This particular one describes some of how I feel right now. I can't muster much energy or enthusiasm right now for much of anything so one push-up may be all that can be done ;-).

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